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  • Personalized design preferences.
  • Space-maximizing layouts.
  • Cost-effective budgeting.
  • Rapid concept creation.
  • Trend insights with AI.


  • Tailored savings estimates.
  • Quick cost-benefit analysis.
  • Custom system sizing.
  • Easy decision-making.
  • Accurate forecasts.


  • Personalized workout plans.
  • Optimized for fitness goals.
  • Tailored to available equipment.
  • Adaptable to time constraints.
  • Consideration of dietary restrictions.

NO CODE, Easy 3 Steps

Create Own AI Widget in 3 Steps

Step 1:
Generate🪄AI tool ideas

Aii.CX generator quickly crafts AI tools tailored for your business, saving time and delivering valuable results.

Step 2:
Instant AI tool creation 🤯

Witness the power of AI creating AI tools for your website. In just 15-20 seconds, receive ready-to-use JavaScript code for embedding.

Step 3:
Easy integration & sharing

Embed the provided JavaScript code. Customize it according to your branding. Share AI tool with others using a simple link.

AI-Driven Website Interactions

Boost Your Conversion Without Raising Advertising Budget

Time Saved

AI Ideas Generator

  • Free AI tools generator
  • Infinite Ideas
  • All Niches
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Successful Generations

🪄Magic AI Tools Creator

  • Aii generate AI tools
  • What you see is what you get
  • Easy peasy editor
  • Boost productivity

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Attract More Clients, Not More Expenses

The AI widgets' mobile optimization helps me effortlessly gain more leads from mobile devices.

Perfect Mobile Optimized

Our AI tools are perfectly optimized for your mobile experience. Enjoy seamless, efficient interactions on-the-go with mobile-friendly design. Plus, we've fine-tuned our tools for optimal Google SEO performance, ensuring you stay ahead in the digital world

Ai tools for mobile website

Friendly Analytics

User-friendly advanced analytics for pinpointing conversion gaps, generating more leads, and boosting sales.

I can customize my AI widget's design with just one click to match my site's color scheme - no design skills required.
I smoothly integrate my leads into my workflow and send them to the CRM system using Aii.cx's 5000+ integrations through Zapier.

5000+ Integrations

Aii.cx empower your business with over 5000 integrations, seamlessly connecting you to leading apps and services through Zapier for ultimate flexibility and efficiency

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Ai tools for mobile website

Designed for Non-Technical Professionals

Creating AI Tools and Widgets for Websites Has Never Been Easier

One Click Customization

Enjoy the one-click setup: easily tailor your AI tool's theme with auto color matching for a superior user experience. Stunning designs without needing expert skills.

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Share Anywhere, With Everyone

Share seamlessly across platforms with both potential clients and team members within your company, ensuring easy access for everyone.

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Lead Generation Varieties

Streamline your marketing strategy with diverse lead generation techniques. Enhance engagement and boost conversions efficiently.

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Drag and Drop Builder

Discover the simplicity of the Drag and Drop Builder: intuitively design with user-friendly controls for seamless customization. Achieve professional layouts effortlessly.

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Unlimited custom AI tools

300 credits for AI generations

Powered by Aii.cx



Unlimited custom AI tools

1000 credits for AI generations



Unlimited custom AI tools

3000 credits for AI generations



Unlimited custom AI tools


I quickly learned to create my own AI-based marketing tools utilizing OpenAI's technology. We're leveraging the most advanced AI model, GPT-4, and my marketing agency is generating additional leads and sales for us and many of our clients. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the service, finding it significantly enhances their marketing efforts.

Isabella Müller
Owner and CMO of SalesDriver